Quality Assurance Unit

 Dr. Mohammed Fathy Elrahmawy HEAD OF QUALITY ASSURANCE UNIT



Dr. Osama Mahmoud El Sayed El Sayed Ouda

Dr. Mervat Mustafa Fahmy Abu-ElKheir

Dr. Amira Rezk Abdo Rezk



       Activity of Quality Assurance Unit

  •  Equipping and furnishing of the unit.
  •  Preparation of internal regulations approved for the unit.
  •  Follow-up and characterization reports programs and courses.
  •  Establish a system is approved for dealing with student complaints.
  • Preparing follow-up reports to the project QAAP2
  • Hosting and organizing the assessment and follow-up interviews the project.
  • The formation of a team preparing the self-study for college and preparing the report.
  • To participate in all student activities within the college to promote a culture of quality.
  •  Respond to student complaints and try to resolve it and Togerm to the best way to resolve.
  •  Promote a culture of questionnaires among students and help them artistically.
  •  Follow adopt for quality assurance in the College Board.
  •  Preparing files of the unit and the results of evaluation and follow-up progress.
  •  Follow Departments to deliver specifications, reports and application questionnaires and securities test scores specifications.
  • Cooperation and constant receipt with the University Quality Assurance Center and attend all meetings of the center.
  • The presence of some members of the unity of all training courses to ensure quality, whether organized by the Center for Quality Assurance university or by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation.
  • Organizing and holding several sessions to spread the culture of quality among faculty and teaching assistants and administrators, staff and students carried out by elite members of the Quality Assurance Unit was hosting experts from the Center for Quality Assurance university and college debate to help disseminate the culture and adopted a platform for action. Formation quality team of students and to develop a list of work for them .

         Important files and versions


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