Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation Arab Researchers Award at its 2015

Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation for starting Arab researchers announces its Award at this year 2014/2015
Since the award was launched in 1982 and is awarded to the product of a distinguished scientific publication and circulation leads to an increase in scientific and applied knowledge and increase awareness of the culture of scientific research, and contribute to the solution of priority problems locally, regionally and globally.
370 researchers won the award since its inception in 1982 until the end of the year 2013 , three hundred and seventy professors and researchers belong to various Arab countries.
· Contribute to the support of the Arab scientific research and activation.
· Prepare a generation of researchers and experts and specialists Arabs in various scientific fields.

Foundations AHS Arab Researchers Award:

- Allow researchers to run for all categories without complying with the condition of the tooth.
- Became the name of the award: Abdel Hamid Shoman Prize for Arab researchers.
- All scientific disciplines in six major fields collected instead of twelve specialized, the award is given each year and poses one or more specialization in each field.

The prize is awarded annually in six scientific fields determined by the scientific committee for the award and determine disciplines that declares to compete in every field of them.

Award fields:
1. Medical and Health Sciences.
2. Engineering Sciences.
3. basic science.
4. Arts and Humanities, Social Science and Public Administration.
5. Agricultural Sciences.
6. Applied Sciences, including water, energy and the environment.
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