Academic Programs

Programs and Scientific Degrees

Mansoura University grants the following degrees, at the behest of the Council of the College of Computing and Information:

1.       Bachelor's degree

2.       Diploma

3.       Master's degree

4.       Ph.D. degree

These degrees are granted in any of the following disciplines:

·         Computer Science

·         Information Systems

·         Information Technology

The Faculty of Computing and Information, Mansoura University, introduces study programs that lead to a Bachelor degree after studying for four years. The faculty also provides programs of study for a diploma degree after studying for two years. The faculty accepts research students who conduct research leading to Master and Ph.D. degrees. Each year, the faculty accepts about 350 students for a bachelor degree and about 225 post-graduate students, 165 of whom are enrolled for a diploma. About 50 students are enrolled to study at the masters and doctoral programs annually.

Undergraduate Programs

Postgraduate Programs

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