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The College of Computers and Information Sciences   of  Mansoura University shares with the University its fundamental mission to provide the highest quality education commensurate with international standards for education. The border location of the University and the expertise developed by the faculty provide an environment that affords opportunities for students to become knowlegeable in computers and Information Technology.

At the heart of the College are programs with distinguished faculty committed to teaching, research, and service, and supported by excellent physical facilities. The College provides computer classrooms, and other classrooms that are the focal point of computer and multimedia-based learning.

The undergraduate program in the College leads to the Bachelor of Computers and Information Sciences in  Computers Sciences (CS), Information Systems (IS) or Information Technology (IT). Graduate programs lead to the Diploma in one of these three specializations. The program of the Master of Science degree leads to the Master  in Computer Sciences and the Master of Information Systems. The College also instituted a Ph.D. degree in Computer Sciences or Information Systems.

Our college is now in its twelfth year of existence. In our first decade, we have achieved a remarkable success. We are particularly proud of the achievements of our students, the growing prominence of our faculty. In our second decade, we are seeking to move to the next level by sharply focusing on our ability to make IT an integral part of the learning enterprise on the Mansoura University campus. We are also collaborating with many partners in the academic and corporate word to effectively integrate IT into various disciplines. In order to do this we need your participation. Our goal is to continue to expand our academic programs that include outstanding faculty/staff, a high-quality curriculum, outstanding facilities, nationally recognized research, and the opportunity to challenge students at all levels of the educational enterprise.

  I encourage you to browse our site to learn more about all the programs and opportunities that are part of the College of Computers and Information Sciences.


                                                                                                   Prof. Hassan Hussein Suliman

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